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From a strategical focus, the internationalization consists in the process by which the company participates in a global reality where is projected actively inside a flux of activates of diverse environments commercially, financially and a knowledge of different countries. In sense of such environment and the international trade laws interpretation, it becomes essential for the success to the project.

In Go Global Consulting & Coaching we are experts in coaching companies in the export activities through techniques and process with guaranteed results. An integral process of internationalization of companies which provides all necessary knowledges for the entire organizational chart.

  • Our program:
    • Phase 1: Diagnostic of competitive position and international potential.
    • Phase 2: Design of the strategic plan of internationalization.
    • Phase 3: Development of the internationalization plan.

New Business Development

Go Global Consulting & Coaching is specialist in the development of new business worldwide.

  • New Customers.
  • Commercial networks and distribution charts.
  • Key Accounts management.
  • New suppliers research.


The Incoterms represent the belonging of the responsibility in international shipping of goods, having each country its singularities. In Go Global Consulting & Coaching we have a wide experience in these conditions while providing the optimized consulting for every delivery sight.


International, National and Customs.

Goods transportation is a fundamental activity in the sales transaction with customers. An efficient service is always a satisfaction indicator for the customers. Crucial for companies.

In Go Global Consulting & Coaching we have all necessary contacts with freight forwarders and custom duty agents to manage all shipments for both international and national deliveries.

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