Commercial Consulting

Business Plan

Sectorial analysis, definition of the market valued chain and treasury according to stages:

  • Regarding the company.
  • Regarding the commercial network.
  • Regarding the products.
  • Regarding the competition.
  • Regarding the selling tools.
  • Regarding the customers.
  • Regarding how we would like to be perceived.
  • Estimated P&L and balance of treasury for each stage.

Strategic Plans

Analysis of objectives up to 5 years and its follow-up.

  • Internal and external analysis.
  • Diagnosis.
  • Objectives.
  • Lines of performance.
  • Action plan.

Support in Managing

  • Coaching on the execution of the action plan.
  • Support to the administration, commercial and strategic plans.
  • Design of an executive commercial mission.
  • Strategic trading plan.
  • Database.
  • Identification of customer leads.
  • Customer acquisition strategies.

Market Studies

A systematic process of market details collection and its analysis is essential to learn about the commercial environment and create a strategy which accepts our business surroundings. It is essential at the same time to launch new products or services, to improve product positioning in the market and essential to expand our company’s presence in new markets.

  • Offer and demand.
  • Segmentation and market trends.
  • Competitors.
  • Product Analysis.
  • Prices.
  • Risks.
  • Business potential.
  • Action Plan.

Sales Agency / Outsourcing

Active and future sales follow-up.

In Go Global Consulting & Coaching we count with a large experience in the commercial sector. At the same time we have a wide partner network to world-wide level in order to provide the growth that the company needs.


Staff selection process – Head Hunting

  • Strategical Management.
  • Analysis and valuation of job descriptions.
  • Executive competences.
  • Selection interviews.
  • Training and welcoming plan.


International, National and Customs.

Goods transportation is a fundamental activity in the sales transaction with customers. An efficient service is always a satisfaction indicator for the customers. Essential for companies.

In Go Global Consulting & Coaching we have all necessary contacts with freight forwarders and custom duty agents to manage all shipments for both international and national deliveries.


A CRM or “Customer Relationship Management” it is commonly defined as a strategy orientated to customer satisfaction and loyalty. This tendency is founded in Marketing Relational which focuses on the level of relationship with customers with the objective of learning about their needs and cultivate their loyalty.

At the same time a CRM it is managed through a personalized software which is capable of providing agglutinated data, essential for the commercial follow-up and its planning.

Collection Management

Counseling on payment terms and credit insurance guaranties.

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