Commercial Coach

Coaching in Sales

Is a process which targets the “intrapersonal” dimension in a specific manner in order to improve performance. The objective is to identify and work on values, believes, competences or right behaviors which are necessary to ensure success in sales process.

Commercial Mentoring

Is a process which targets the “interpersonal” dimension so that the applicant reaches an “accelerated grow” in the professional goals fully aligned with the organization. The objective is to identify and work on methodologies, know-how and best practices necessary to reaching success.


We are experts in the organization of teaching actions adapted to the company’s reality. Selling techniques to commercial teams. Commercial planning. Market segmentation and its customer portfolio. Structure, rolls, dimensioning and sales force organization. Commercial and sales methodology. Commercial tools and customer management. Team management. Companies’ line of command and commercial indicators. Control and follow-up systems. Satisfaction and loyalty of customers.


  • Lead with emotional intelligence.
  • Introduction to neurolinguistics program.
  • Benefits of Coaching implementation inside the organization.
  • How to create and manage the change in organizations through Coaching.
  • Impeller to personal and professional success.
  • Social relations vs. work relations.
  • Emotional skills for managers.
  • How to implement the value of our image and communication.
  • Personal preferences and priorities to reach excellence.
  • Self-leadership.

Commercial Negotiation

The Commercial Negotiation is focused on the process of exchange of augmented proposition where both parties intend to obtain the own benefit which can be determined by a quantity, quality or basically a price.


  • Negotiation by principals or concessions.
  • Negotiable conflicts.
  • Negotiation analysis.
  • Negotiation profitability.
  • Information exchange.
  • Exchange of concessions and counterparties.
  • Negotiation closure.

Time Management

Time Management is one of the principal attributes to people with high level of efficiency and success.

  • Time is money.
  • No planning or prioritizing.
  • The interruptions. Not delegating.
  • Everything is urgent.

ICF (International Coaching Federation)

Go Global Consulting & Coaching is a Company authorized and associated by the international Coach agency.

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